TAKE ACTION to Ensure Mental Health Transparency in MassHealth

Take Action ButtonEach year, Massachusetts taxpayers pay millions of dollars to behavioral health carve-out companies through MassHealth  — but unlike other state-supported entities, these companies are not subjected to any transparency requirements.With two-thirds of MassHealth Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) using separate entities to manage behavioral health services, these contracts can have a huge impact on access to care.

That’s why CliniciansUNITED supports Section 188 of the proposed State Budget, which requires transparency in MassHealth’s behavioral health carve-out contracts. Clinicians understand the profound impact contractual terms can have on the affordability of and access to mental health services, and the terms of MassHealthcontracts are no different. These agreements must be made public and transparent to ensure accessibility to mental health care is not hindered in any way.

We need to make our voices heard to ensure Governor Patrick supports this important section of the State Budget. Click here to send your message to the governor today.

Without this information, it is impossible to know how much money MassHealth spends on behavioral health services for its members or what policies might prevent or increase access to services. By approving Section 188 of the budget, Governor Patrick can bring the Commonwealth one step closer to ensuring mental health care is prioritized — and make equal access to quality care a reality.

Governor Patrick will make his final budget decisions early this week, so be sure to make your voice heard. The entire process only takes a few minutes!

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