Let Your Legislators Know About Your Frustration

Contact Your Representative and Senator today and let them know how frustrated you are with the status quo of insurance companies and urge them to pass the CliniciansUNITED Priority Anti-Trust Immunity Bill (SB 649)

As clinicians, we know that Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) reconsiders their reimbursement rates annually and begins paying the new rates every September. But we never know what the new rates will be until we see the change in our reimbursements in September. Clinicians and agencies that provide critical mental health services deserve to have input into this process, and also need enough notice to plan for changes in cash flow. This is just another example of why we need to pass SB 649. To learn more about our priority legislation click here .

Click here to reach out to your Representative and Senator and urge them to tell the Joint Committee on Health Care Financing about the changes to the BCBS contract and why Senate Bill 649 needs a favorable review from the committee.

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