Why District Meetings Matter: A Report Back

On Friday, December 8th, a group of CliniciansUNITED members and non-members met with Massachusetts State Senator Sal DiDomenico and his chief of staff, Christie Getto Young, to advocate for the Clawback Bill. As many of you know, the Clawback Bill is currently included in the Health Care Bill. Sen. DiDomenico is a member of the Joint Committee on Financial Services where the bill currently sits. Getting this priority amendment included in the health care package brings us a step closer to making the passage of this bill a reality.

We had an engaging and informative discussion with Sen DiDomenico and Ms. Getto Young about why the Clawback bill matters. We explained that the lack of limits on the insurance companies for taking back payments they have already paid to us, sometimes years before, is one more way that the one way relationship between clinicians and insurance companies leads to high stress for clinicians. We explained that additionally, this leads to many clinicians dropping off insurance panels, thereby resulting in a two tier mental health system and lack of mental health access for many.

Sen DiDomenico and Ms. Getto Young were sympathetic and interested in our concerns. They were clear that they want to hear from constituents. They talked about the impact of communication from us, in person lobbying, emails, letters and phone calls. Chief of staff, Ms. Getto Young emphasized that even if only two people write an email or call about a specific issue or concern, she makes sure to pass that on to the Senator. They assured us that they pay close attention to these communications.

submitted by Sharona Halpern, LMHC

CliniciansUNITED Member

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