About Us

Who We Are

CliniciansUNITED is a multidisciplinary group of behavioral health clinicians who are becoming associate members of the Massachusetts Human Service Workers Union, SEIU Local 509. Together, we are fighting to ensure each and every Bay State resident has access to quality, affordable mental health services — and to bring about the fair reimbursement policies and practices needed to to make universal access possible.

CliniciansUNITED was formed to influence public and private policies that directly impact the vital services we provide in communities statewide. From Medicaid rates to insurance panels, these policies are incredibly important to mental health clinicians and those we serve.

We can win the fight for affordable, accessible mental health services for all — but only if we enact legislation to allow clinicians to work together for change. With your help, we’ll get it done.


Mission Statement

We are behavioral health clinicians who provide psychotherapy and other mental health services. We are forming an organization with the Service Employees International Union for the purposes of:

  • influencing public policy and practice to protect and improve access to and availability of our services
  • passing legislation to enact a state anti-trust exemption, allowing us to organize to improve declining reimbursement rates and the reimbursement system for our services
  • ensuring that we can continue to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of clients and communities while providing for our own livelihood
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