Clinician Testimonials

Hear first-hand from Massachusetts clinicians who are joining together and fighting for change with CliniciansUNITED. Want to add your voice to the growing list of clinician testimonials? Let us know!


Liz Zoob Headshot

Liz Zoob, LICSW (Cambridge, Mass.)

“Becoming a member of SEIU 509/CliniciansUNITED is the most exciting, hopeful political action I have taken in my 36 years as a clinical social worker. I am so impressed with the dedication and knowledgeability of the staff, and the thoughtfulness and enthusiasm of my fellow clinicians. Others have said it before me, but I really am beginning to believe that ‘together we can!’”



Dr. Richard Melito (Newton, Mass.)

“The health care map is changing. The task force is making recommendations that could change the whole complexion of how services are delivered, so I think it’s important to be able to organize so we can have more influence in what is going to be happening, rather than standing by as an onlooker. It will give us more leverage not only for ourselves, but also for our clients. The environment seems to be changing more now so it’s important to be in a position where you can have a say and not sit by and passively accept what’s been handed down.”


Denise Peaslee Headshot_rsDenise Peaslee, LMHC (Lowell, Mass.)

“Joining CliniciansUNITED  has allowed me the opportunity to connect with other mental health professionals. Collaboratively with the employees of SEIU, we stay current in understanding the continuous changes to healthcare and work cooperatively  to influence positive changes within the mental health profession.  With CliniciansUNITED, we have a real voice!”



Frank Kashner Headshot_rsFrank Kashner, LICSW (Salem, Mass.)

“I have waited years for Clinicians United.  As a former union member, I am very aware of the many ways that being in a union can help union members.  As a relative newcomer to Social Work, I was shocked at the many problems faced by Social Workers, our clients, and those in related professions.  I envied the nurses who are organized, paid better, and able to have a collective voice about patient care.  I’m grateful that SEIU 509 has the foresight and vision to invest in us – and I hope that others recognize this amazing opportunity, and join us.”


Toni Acevedo Headshot_rsAngelica ‘Toni’ Acevedo, LICSW (Salem, Mass.)

” I am a proud social worker who cares about where we are heading in the future! SEIU 509/CliniciansUNITED has given me the chance to further the cause and meet like-minded caring mental health professionals who want to make a statewide difference. It’s a place to speak your mind and be able to be a part of a larger cause for the good of all who touch clients’ lives every day! United we stand!”

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